Our Story

How we started

Mezquite Pollo Express is the second restaurant from the family behind Pollo Express in Pila new S'C'&C favorite in Gage Park

The addition of Mezquite to the name is what caught my eye when riding by. After stepping inside and walking up the counter, it was the charcoal rig used to place burning mesquite onto that kept my attention. The man behind the counter was using a shovel to scoop red hot burning coals from one space and then layering them out into the extra large grill on wheels. It was a glorious day to be a food explorer.

There's lots of spots that "grill" food in Chicago. I have to use quotation marks because most all of them use gas burning grills. They can still be effective for what's being sought but they will never replace the taste achieved when using real charcoal.